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Moosie Tuesday 30 April

Morning! Yesterday I had my giant healthcheck! Two hours of prodding and testing but everything came back reasonably normal, so that was good! They said my breath-test showed I might be borderline asthmatic? and also that I might be anaemic which would make sense as my mum is too and it would explain why I felt so much better taking the Feroglobin! It’s incredibly reassuring to be declared “healthy” in general – much more so than I imagined.

My boss had a face of thunder this morning not sure what that’s about! Must remember to check all signatures just in case! Have also heard back from the Japanese guy from my old company (who has somehow inexplicably already finished his audit!) and he wants to go for dinner next week so that will be interesting.

And on the topic of meeting people I’ve known for ages but never met, we are meeting Wren tonight! Can’t wait for that!

Already done:

  • Morning writing: I’m starting each day with a list of 10 happy thoughts and that’s already sparked a lot more happy thinking in general. Also an action list of two or three points towards my biggest goals that I can complete during the day.
  • Morning routines
  • Russian
  • SWIM
  • Walk to work + buy provisions


  • Invoices

Me @ work:

  • FTF
  • WOC
  • Blog – week 17
  • Craft brilliant e-mail in Japanese accepting Japanese Man’s invitation
  • F9 – do something difficult in the morning and try go get through as many questions as I can
  • Print Kanji and Russian and music trackers


  • Meet at WWRY at 6 for Byron and FTFgangness!

SL’s FTF, Tues 30th April

Yesterday’s appraisal went fine, better than expected and chief only gave me a little lecture about being more ambitious before seeming quite happy that I want to stay where I am. He also appears to be backing ace colleague Z’s initiative which will take a bit of time but will be very good when it happens.

Today one of the new auditors is coming to go through systems. Hopefully all is in order…

And this evening, we’re meeting Wren – yay! Looking forward to that.

  • ironing
  • coffee
  • auditor
  • if time, more management accounts
  • FTF gang meet-up



calypte 29th April

Had a lovely weekend through at my folks’ that’s really helped me calm down about the new job. Going shopping for new work clothes helped 😉 – I half jest, but changing my thinking from the ‘things I’m losing’ to ‘things I’m gaining’ has been surprisingly difficult! Anyway – getting there: and this isn’t just a new job, this is a whole new phase of my life. Huzzah!

With that thought, and knowing that my free time will be more precious soon, I have been rethinking the whole “What I want to achieve with my life”, and at the very least how I’m prioritising those things. I’ve been a bit of a slug this past while, and I’m determined to go forwards with a new job AND a focus on being happy – and that means doing stuff, which means being way more organised!

In the short term, certainly, I can see that spending all day in the office in front of a computer is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with my non-online hobbies in the evenings (and weekends). Cards and drawing and maybe even the guitar? I’ll be going back to more batch cooking on the weekends. I want to find a new exercise ‘regime’ that’s going to work for me, so even if I just schedule in one weekend visit for the foreseeable future, not stress myself out about evenings for the first couple of weeks.

Website building… hmm. Not entirely sure if/where this is going to fit. Best scenario: I’m learning stuff at work that clicks in with this. Worst: I never want to look at another computer. This week might be a good time to push on with learning the WordPress stuff!

This week – I’ve decided – should be more about fun rather than that last desperate scrabble to fit everything in. Dentist/hairdresser tomorrow, but otherwise more relax and enjoy – the opticians, for instance, can wait a couple of weeks (til a weekend… eeek!). That said, I’ve got such an urge to start clearing out my wardrobe… 😉

SL’s FTF, Mon 29th April

Morning everyone! It was  a nice sunny weekend and more of the same today – lovely blossom in the trees which seems to have appeared almost overnight. Although the Fuel Band is now rusting in the cupboard while I figure out what to do with it, I made my 70k steps target last week so pleased about that.

Today I have my appraisal with chief, argh. Z has hers too, and has a bombshell to drop (all good from my point of view) so will be interesting to see what happens. We may or may not be going for lunch afterwards… all a bit vague… I have made a reserve lunch just in case!

The good news is that G hands in his notice today. He’s hoping for gardening leave, but even if they make him work his notice, he told me he isn’t going to do any more late nights in the office, so evenings starting with him getting home all stressed out at 9pm will be a thing of the past. Hurrah!

  • ironing
  • make reserve lunch
  • coffee
  • meetings with team
  • appraisal
  • fend off subco auditor
  • if time, crack on with management accounts
  • leave soon after 5.00 hopefully
  • food shopping
  • walk
  • some home admin to take care of

Moosie Friday 26 April

Really bizarre morning! All the trains were down (like ALL of them, both stations, all lines) first thing so I missed my swim and went running instead, except it was raining so I ran in the rain and got soaked! Then getting ready at home felt strange after all this time swimming, and I hung out and practiced guitar until the train blockage had cleared and went into work a bit later. Just completely not in any way a normal morning! But fine I guess.

Yesterday we had a call about an overdue invoice and guess whose it was?! My boss’s!! AND it was an invoice from the previous financial year, not large enough to mess things up but still pretttty embarassing for him all the same! I’ve done my best not to rub it in but it was an enjoyable moment!

Done already:

  • Morning writing
  • Morning routines
  • RUN
  • Start music practice (25min down, 6h for the week)
  • Work: help auditor find stuff

Still to do:

  • F9…
  • More blogs, writing etc.


  • Dinner
  • Cleaning
  • Music
  • Chill out! It’s the weekend!

calypte 26th April

I wrote 2003 as the date somewhere yesterday – talk about living in the past! Maybe it’s all this ‘just graduated’ and ‘junior’ role?! Hah! But, mustn’t get caught up in labels: I’m going to learn a new skill/career, which is all good! 🙂

I do now have that ‘last week of the school holidays’ feeling – how on earth have I done so little with all the free time, and how do I cram it all in to the last week!? LOL! But all good – arranged a couple of meet ups, planned the ‘essentials’ like dentist and haircut.

Today I’m having fun – celebrate and relax, after the stresses of the past couple of days!

  • phone SL (no, not our SL – sorry!) to make sure message got through re Monday
  • pizza buffet lunch! 🙂
  • cinema – Iron Man 3, whoo!!
  • find out re tomorrow’s plans
  • finally finish watching Spartacus, tch!
  • slightly earlier night – need to get back into good routines! 🙂

SL’s FTF, Friday 26th April

Rash still present and correct grrrr!

Last night’s wine tasting was very enjoyable – and O was there (yay! never like to assume) so was able to have a brief chat with her. Then it was back to St Pancras as Dad had to catch his train and I went for dinner at Prezzo with my bro and SIL, was good to get a proper chance to talk to them. Got home exhausted at 10.30 and straight to bed.

Today I’m up bright and early as the hospital’s chief exec i.e. Very Big Cheese has a meeting in our boardroom at 9.00 and I want to make sure he can get in (the 8.00 shift being notoriously unreliable). Also, it’s raining but is forecast not to be later, so makes sense to do a walk after work. Despite the fuel band only working for 2 days, am quietly confident that I’m going to hit 70k steps this week so maybe it’s had a beneficial effect after all!

  • coffee
  • sub co audit continues
  • finish club VAT return
  • Sage postings if we have a chance?
  • going to Wellcome Collection for lunch with Z 🙂
  • consider other VAT stuff if get a chance
  • open post
  • water plants
  • leave soon after 5.00
  • food shopping
  • walk
  • washing up fairy for G as he’s back tomorrow
  • DVD