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10/31/12 ftf, wren

Happy Halloween!  Whooooooooo-oooooooo-oooooo!

The big news in my life is that I’m having surgery on my foot at the end of next week.  The idea of surgery, not to mention the cost, is a little anxiety-producing, but I’ve had it with being in pain.  After the operation & the healing period, I should be able to do any activities I like for as long as I like without paying for it with terrible pain, and I won’t have to take ibuprofen all day every day.  So it’s a good trade-off.  I’ll only be missing 2 or 3 days of work, but I feel as if I should buckle down and get everything in order right now.

We are having the most gorgeous weather.  All of the lovely autumn leaves blew away in last week’s snowstorm, but the skies have been clear and blue, the sun has been shining, and the temps have been around 65F/18C-70F/21C.  Yesterday I couldn’t bear being inside, so we went for a little hike.  I always feel so great when I am walking in the woods.

We are ready for all the cute trick-or-treaters tonight.  We usually have a steady stream of vistors from 5:00 p.m. till 8:00 p.m., and with this gorgeous weather, I expect more of the same.  I’m looking forward to lightin the jack o’lanterns, putting some Halloween program on tv, and handing candy out to the children tonight.


Happy Dog time!


a.m. cardio

work day

review job applications

check w/Frank on contract status

faculty meeting




CS eval (by 11/15)

project for boss

final Allon invoice

BMS invoice

close 301/302

management reports

update regulatory binder

start on training modules

after work

pm cardio

trick or treat!

calypte’s All Hallow’s Eve

Right self: time to get a move on!!

Feeling a little bit – not shocked, exactly, but something – that October is over already and so many of my plans are untouched! And tomorrow sees NaNoWriMo start, which is yet another commitment and I STILL have all the October stuff I wanted to do, to do! So – bugger, and yet it feels so much more motivating to have LOTS to do instead of the sensible one or two things that I should have been managing so far. Psychology, eh?!

Talking of WriMo, off to the kick-off party tonight – won’t be heavily partaking, though, as I want to get the most out of tomorrow’s proofreading course! I think I’m over my plot-wobble – as in, I almost ditched the current idea to go back to a much older one – although slightly ‘hmm’ that it’s turned rather spooky and I’m about to spend the month scaring myself! 😉


  • get woken up by the butcher delivery o_O
  • somehow get all that meat into the fridge
  • defrost something for dinner-at-lunchtime
  • defrost lasagne for tomorrow’s post-course dinner
  • chase re expenses
  • figure out what to do with mp3 voucher – do I want the whole album? What else could I spend it on?
  • at least a little CSM reading ffs!! ::headdesk::
  • dishes
  • laundry
  • can I get a review done/started ahead of tomorrow’s scribble-fest commencement?
  • library
  • go get L 🙂
  • Write-In! 🙂

Also, since I’m out most of tomorrow here’s Thursday’s list ahead of time:

  • Proofreading course
  • Boots points event
  • write 1667 words o_O
  • make yogurt
  • dust off coffee machine

And in all the upcoming excitement, mustn’t forget the bloomin’ CSM test I meant to have done already (argh!), all the job hunting prep and commencement (double and triple argh!), and then meditation and gym-going (it’ll be good for me, on so many levels!) and card making to balance it all out!!

SL’s FTF, Halloween!

Not sure why I put “Halloween!” with a cheery exclamation mark there as I hate Halloween ever since I got approached by threatening teenager as I waited for the 100 bus outside Tower Hill tube station about 18 years ago. He actually did say “trick or treat” and I seem to recall I gave him a withering look, said “aren’t you a bit old for that” and walked off 😉

I ended up skiving book group last night as I was sneezing, not feeling 100% and hadn’t read the book anyway. Have subsequently been informed that the next book is the Hobbit so looking forward to that! Then I came home and tried to watch Homeland on 4oD but my computer decided to crash every 5 min so it took about two and a half hours. Time well spent. Claire Danes is amaaaaazing.

Then G rocked up all cheery because he’d given a talk to some law students and scared them out of their wits by being an evil big bad corporate type. I just hope he didn’t do his (not very good) impression of Samuel L Jackson in front of the students.

  • kettlebell
  • walk, yay!
  • prep delicious lunch – home-made smoked mackerel pate with crudites, watermelon, granola bar
  • coffee
  • see what chief and Z have to say about the accounts, make any changes required
  • proof-read things for Z
  • deal with the mounting stack of queries from UCL that came in yesterday usually regarding things about 10 years old that they’ve been too inefficient to invoice
  • call computer place – apparently there is an “issue” with my order, great
  • leave at 6.00
  • food shopping
  • call J to discuss times for the weekend
  • ironing
  • watch Monsieur Lazhar as watched Taken instead the other night

Miss E Wednesday 31st October

Morning all.

I’m awake, why god why?! I’m going to post this then back to sleep. Have woken with a cracking headache so hope an hour long doze will sort it a bit.

So anyway, thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday, makes me even more squeesome! Also happy and motivated as I managed to crack on and do my ebaying and have already sold two of my items for Buy It Now prices, woo! Will go some way to making up for the pair of boots and fleece lined Converse I bought yesterday…

Today is STANDARD:

1. Sleep a bit more, get rid of headache?
2. Work. More PDR rubbish to get through 😦 Will talk to my boss about my thoughts not to do my MA until Sep.
3. Healthy food. Fingers need to be pulled out!
4. Monitor eBay. Auctions don’t finish until Fri I think but I am terribly competitive about bids etc.
5. Is there anything on TV tonight? Can’t remember. Oh yes! Getting On at 10 which I love.

Moosie Halloween (ooooooh)

Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments about the tenancy issue! I’m 90% sure we will be fine and have been focusing on that – no anxiety dreams last night and I had a really positive, productive day yesterday. Feeling quite knackered and ghoulish this morning though 😉 It would be fun to go to work in costume… hm. Maybe less fun if no-one else is doing it!

Hopefully it won’t be too freaky a day here, I only have normal stuff planned anyway…

  • stretches & kettlebell
  • writing
  • blogs etc.
  • train: kanji & german
  • work: internationals & expenses but take it easier than yesterday
  • languages: 10 things off the list!!
  • writing
  • blog
  • WOC


  • workout
  • food
  • cleaning
  • music
  • craft stuff? I’ve been really getting into this this week!

calypte 30th October

Rawwrrr! 😉

I know, I know – us lazy unemployed folk appearing halfway through the day! 😉 Been busy, already – in fact, the bulk of my day is done already o_O

Today is the start of my ‘busy’ period – NaNo kick off tomorrow evening, course to go to on Thursday plus must remember to go to the Boots points event, and Friday/Saturday has company! Today it was the dentist, and my first morning appointment in several weeks was enough to make me join the ranks here of folk who didn’t sleep well last night – how weird we’re all so in sync!

New dentist, the old one apparently haven’t left the practise some time in the past 6 months, but thankfully he seems almost as nice – I had horrible dentists as a child, and it makes such a difference when they’re not!

I then managed to talk myself into hitting the gym and doing my first week 2 run of the couch to 5k – and it went much better than expected given I hadn’t really had breakfast, was low on sleep, and couldn’t walk on a very, very stiff ankle when I first woke up! But it worked out okay – in fact, the week 2 pattern seemed easier that the week 1. Hurrah! 🙂

Got back in a great mood, boosted by some productivity: annoyingly awkward sports bra washed, me showered, sports gear all laundered. One small slip in thinking I could grill my bacon on a low heat while I was in the shower since I was starving! – I think the word I need about that is ‘immolated’. Ahem. Toast and banana was lovely 😉

About to have an early dinner now – still hungry! – and the rest of my day can be filled with relaxing and pottering away at the wee bits and pieces on my list!

Miss E Tuesday 30th October

Good Morning lovelies!

How are we all on this lovely day? (It’s pretty lovely in London, clear and crisp)

So my most exciting news, which the majority of you already know, is that after this weekend D is officially my boyfriend 😀

I don’t really have an appropriate emoticon to express how I feel but it’s lovely and exciting and a little bit scary. Yay!!!!

To be honest, that’s pretty much all I popped in to say, I don’t have much going on apart from a sudden financial freak out about my MA. I’m considering deferring to next September and saving some more money and then maybe taking the hit and doing it full time. We shall see…

1. Call HMRC re a demand for self employed NI contributions. I haven done any SE work since 2008!

2. Work. I have to do my PDR today. God that’s so fucking tedious… I really hate them (as does everyone) and I find them really tough here as it’s literally finger in the wind stuff.

UM WOW, only just noticed this sitting here unposted!

So anyway:

3. Search for some boots. God I need some Winter boots!

4. Make a decision re my MA

5. Spend time talking to D and being sappy and stupid and girlish 😉