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calypte 29th September

Back from Manchester, had a relatively tame postponed work-leaving-do last night, and am now revelling in a morning spent in my dressing gown – in fact, half-considering spending the day in my jammies, just cos I can! 🙂 Was a really great course, I was more impressed with that little corner of Manchester than my previous flying visit, but it’s just a really lovely feeling knowing that I can plan my week ahead on a ‘dull’ and one-location basis and take it easy for a while!

There are proper things to get done – CSM exam, for a start! – but I’m appointing today as a Lazy Day. I have a digibox loaded to the point of imminent implosion and a movie or two set to expire, so thinking lots of viewing! If I get ’round to tidying a few bits and pieces so be it, but all the proper stuff is tomorrow at the earliest!

So, not for today but not to forget:

  • book massage/facial already – paid for voucher ages ago, get it used!
  • CSM reading/study and exam!
  • update CV again; send for proof reading
  • sort butcher payment
  • tidy craft room
  • gym
  • request from library
  • sort meal plan for week – healthy eating, new recipes?
  • wii
  • review

Moosie Friday, 28 September

Finally topped off my week off by doing the one thing I’d promised myself I would do – going to Hyde Park to see the sunrise! It felt like rather an adventure leaving in the dark after a week of no alarms, and it was so worth it – the timing was pretty perfect, the clouds parted and I was rewarded with this:

It was the most beautiful thing I’d seen for ages!

Then I went for a swim after wandering about for two hours so I’m pretty much in NAP territory now!! Home again and hoping to have some quiet thinky time before B arrives home for the weekend!

We need to do the shopping, I need to do a bit of cleaning, and then will do some music later.

Happy weekends everyone!

9/29/12 ftf, wren

Things have been very slow at work, and I am nearly at the bottom of my nagging things to do list.   This doesn’t often happen.   In a sane world, I could just go home and relax, but in fact, what I need to do is find some more stuff to do.


Happy Dog Time!


circuit train


clinical research meeting

outreach meeting

meet with department

project close outs

update regulatory binder

after work




weekend list

house cleaning


finish letter

buy postcard

make exercise cd

SL’s FTF, Fri 28th Sept

No early morning walk for me today as am working 9-5 so that I can go to the Ginger Pig in Marylebone this evening. Hopefully that will get my 10k steps in for the day.

Today is our archiving day. I’m hoping we can get most of it done before we go out for lunch. They don’t often get taken out for lunch so this is a little treat.

  • coffee
  • filing
  • finance team archiving day – should be fun, there are 4 of us doing it so we’ll get the radio on and do it together
  • leave soon after 5.00
  • hit the GP
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • dinner with G

9/27/12 ftf, wren

Feeling sooooo much better after a solid night of sleep.  Yay!  I actually thought I was sick yesterday, but apparently it was just lack of sleep.

My super exciting and ulta fabulous new elliptical trainer has arrived!  And dear Joseph spent much of the night assembling it.  I love it!  Had my first workout this morning and burned 650 calories in 30 minutes with no joint stress at all.  I am now ready for the winter snow (but won’t complain if it doesn’t arrive).


Happy Dog Time!



work day

schedule meeting

see about annual report

distribute white paper

flu shot

prepare eval forms/schedule mtng w/NLF

pay bill

project close outs

update regulatory binder

after work


Project Runway

SL’s FTF, Thurs 27th Sept

A grey morning, but it wasn’t actually raining, so have been for my walk and enjoyed the podcast I listened to, which included a feature about a restaurant I went to a few weeks ago. Am so on trend 😉

Progress has been made this week, but not as much as I would have liked – today must really get on top of the as we’re having an archiving day tomorrow so it’s my annual opportunity to get rid of loads of crap.

  • walk
  • kettlebell swings x 20
  • prep lunch – salmon, avocado, strawberries, 2 squares Lindt coconut intense 😀
  • post parcel for godson to Sweden – Thomas the Tank Engine tops etc apparently not available there!
  • more checking
  • meeting with club manager to discuss areas where we could economise
  • meeting with coaching woman – not sure what to talk about! I enjoyed our previous sessions but feel we have covered everything I had on my mind. Mind you Z felt the same way but nevertheless managed a whopping 3 hour session with the same woman yesterday. I wonder what they talked about…
  • mega filing session
  • attempt to call Julia – didn’t do so last night after all so this remains on the list
  • hoover
  • clear up carnage
  • dinner with G

9/26/12 ftf, wren

Really not feeling well this morning.  I might possibly be at the onset of a stomach virus.  Ooooh…hope not!


Happy Dog Time


morning cardio


review RAN minutes

review STTR contract

learn scival

October calendar

term paperwork

afternoon meeting

CITI training

pay bill

prepare eval forms/schedule mtng w/NLF

project close outs

update regulatory binder

after work