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SL’s FTF, Fri 31st Aug

Hey gang, late to the party today! I’ve had the day off because I needed some time to get stuff sorted out before going off gallivanting tomorrow.

Mum and I are doing a cruise along the Rhine but first we have to get ourselves to Strasbourg. Hopefully the arrangements will all run smoothly! Dad is bringing her down from the midlands tomorrow, we rendezvous at St Pancras, get the Eurostar and then the TGV (sings SNCF jingle song).

Mainly retrospective today but got the most important things done – hair sorted (to avoid well-meaning-yet-pointed remarks about a product called Roots Touch Up!), euros obtained, camera memory card bought etc. etc.

Have a fab week everyone! A bientot!

8/31/12 ftf, wren

Well, I’m back to FTFing after a couple of weeks of dealing with hospital stuff.  Joseph had part of his colon removed, we found he had no cancer, then he was readmitted to the hospital with an internal abscess.  Very worrisome and stressful!  He is now out of the hospital and feeling much better but definitely not back to 100%.  I had my first day back at work yesterday.  Was prepared for a mountain of stress, but, thankfully, the boss did not come in, and I was able to get mostly caught up.

Tonight starts a long weekend.  This tends to be a very busy weekend in the town where I live because two events are held that attract a lot of visitors.  I’m hoping to avoid the hubbub as much as possible.


Happy Dog Time


3-minute drawing


work day

continue on catch-up list

morning research meeting

lunch w/K

afternoon outreach meeting

after work


calypte Friday 31st August

Wow, last day of August already?! I’m in disbelief at the passing of time right now – this year has been zooping super-fast, and yesterday had my last meeting of my two-year project… where’d THAT go?! Also means I’m 2.5 weeks from unemployment – bugger!! Still, there was no WAY I could have squeeze job apps, let alone interviews!, into the dissertation-madness of the past several weeks, so I can but get started!

I have been reading a job-hunting book or two, and this weekend I want to actually go back and really do the exercises on values, strengths and passions – I’m in serious danger of just falling into the next job, again. I want something that I LIKE at least 75% of what I’m doing, please – I’m given to understand that’s not an unreasonable request!!?! Worst comes to it, though, I’ll just dump my CV on an agency and get *something* (I hope!!).

Argh, why are things so… harried… all the time?! And by that I don’t mean anything to do with stripping (!), just… would be nice to have time to find ‘me’ again, to be able to do all this unpressurised learning I’ve been promising myself for so long – like website-building – that I think would help me find a happy-productive-niche, rather than rush rush to just keep on top of stuff!

Which puts meditation bang on top of my list – have felt in serious danger of being overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff ahead, not least the massive amounts that have been pushed back until ‘after the dissertation’. Which is now o_O Hobbies and chores, and that learning for the fun of it, and getting back to exercising the body rather than just the mind. And a social life – I’d quite like one of those again, please – been aaaaaaaaages!! And being able to start dating again sounds everso appealing… right, anyone have any single male friends!? 😉 (only half-joking – if you weren’t all so far away…!)

Right, back to reality (!?!)!


  • pay for graduation (!)
  • hand in expenses
  • sort train tickets
  • arrange courses
  • sort butcher order
  • gym? Slight cold-ish-feelings (and laziness!) battle the want/need to get back into it AND the need to use/renew my pass!

Ooh – super-exciting courses: intro to proofreading (although I’m accepting I won’t find work in this field, it’s not a bad skill to have!), and writing for the web 🙂 Also a data analysis one coming up… urm, yeah!!

Weekend in general:

  • batch cooking: beef and fruity pork stews, maybe soup (!) – ooh, seems I’ve pre-empted the change in weather, food-wise!
  • wee bit crafting: a friend’s mum gifted me a coloured pencil set, and I’d like to use them on one of my new ‘tall urban’ garden stamps, for a thank you card 🙂
  • OODLES of reading: so many non-fiction books due back at the library before I go away! So:
    • Career Ahead
    • Time Management
    • MS db course book, in prep
    • Business Analysis – flick, at least
  • continue with the mega-tv catch up binge!!
  • write/post a review!
  • not sure there’s anything appealing at the cinema, but I do have my new card now!

Phew!! MORE than enough to keep me busy! What was that about post-dissertation relaxation?! o_O

Have fun weekends, everyone! 🙂

Miss E Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaay! 31st August

Blimey it’s cold isn’t it? But it’s also LOVELY. These days are my fave, all chilly and bright. Just a shame I was taken aback by the temperature and have no socks and open toe shoes on :-S

And to top off the lovely beginning of the day, I got served by the very good looking, very nice man in Pod and my hazelnut latte was deeeeeelicious.

Right today:

1. Actually do some work? I start at 8:30 and have done a grand total of NOTHING so far today!
2. Try again to book parcel collection
3. Consider going Up West after work. I don’t feel like I’ve got my sister enough for her birthday and I want some decent work trousers.
4. Get something healthy but tasty for tea.
5. Home, wrap presents, Paralympics, relax!

Moosie Friday 31 August

It’s HRW’s last day in the office today!!! We only found out on Weds because (sly bitch that she is) she waited until she’d been here exactly a year (to qualify for constructive dismissal) and then went for the jugular – guess that’s one way to make a living! The e-mail that came round about it was clearly written by the lawyers. Anyway it’s constructive for the rest of us! – it’s definitely been a trial working around her for the past year and I think things will be much more pleasant at work from next week!

Last night was fun, Arse has had a re-vamp in our absence and now it’s all highstools and mock-wood bars, making the naughty corner far less conducive to mischief! Had fun in JL too, their food hall is amazing! I am completely knackered this morning and it’s cold!!! But I’m going swimming, hopefully haven’t forgotten anything vital!

* very brief stretches
* very brief writing

To do:
* swim!!
* walk to work
* it’s just me and my boss in and I finished my work yesterday, so a nice quiet one with nothing to do!!
* avoid HRW for one more day – good riddance! She’s bound to be making a big fuss so steer clear of that little circus
* kanji: did loads yesterday! Need to finish the tests and see if I’ve improved! But I have developed an even better practice system going forward that employs the RAND function in excel!
* I have bought Harry potter with me so sneak in some German if the coast is clear!!
* 2 pages of F9
* lunch with the lovely R
* writing, thinky time
* blog!

* dash home!
* bake cake!!
* wrap presents!
* write card!
* blow up balloons!
* clean everything!
* ice the cake!
* German
* journal if there’s any time left

Miss E Thursday 30th August

Morning all!

I’ve just downloaded the WordPress app to my iPhone so thought I’d give it a whirl.

Yesterday was lovely, the Paralympic Opening Ceremony was just great and it reminded me why I enjoyed the Olympics so much. It’s all just so uplifting and lovely and positive. I was also lucky enough to get tickets to the athletics, hopefully to see a GB gold in the T44 100m!

Anyway, onto today:

1. Try and shift this shitty mood I’m in. Delayed trains and heavy bags have pissed all over my Paralympic buzz
2. Call DPD to arrange a parcel collection – done. I want them to come next Fri though and they can only do a week in advance so this has to carry over to tomorrow
3. Print Paralympic ticket – done
4. Take parcels to PO: I’m selling some books back to Amazon. It’s like Music Magpie. V good.
5. Work, blah blah blah
6. Look for last minute presents for my sister’s 21st
7. Watch the Paralympics!
8. Start wrapping presents. Make them look super fancy.

Enjoy your days everyone!

Cate’s FTF Thursday 30th August

I have 5 big jobs and 1 little one in the next 10 days I don’t know how I plan things so badly!! Traveling to tomorrows job – today as it’s about 5-6 hours and then it all kicks off tomorrow. First

– Yoga – done!

Pack overnight bag

Finish charging / clear cards / pack bag

Pack bag / additional kit for Saturday’s job (just 6 hours turn around getting back and then leaving for next one must have everything organised)

Maps / Day Plans / Formal List / for Fri/Sat/Sun

Clear space on 2nd HDD for double back up

Clothes for 3 days ironed / hang somewhere

Out of office notice

– B post if time?

Sandwiches / Smoothie for journey / tonight

– Emails – reply before leaving

– Hoping to leave 1pm – latest 2pm

See you on the other side probably Tuesday!