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calypte IS DONE!!!

Do feel free to check the time o_O (actually, finished half an hour ago but have you tried sending programming coursework via email? Malware alerts ahoy, oy!) After being up til midnight last night, and working pretty damn constantly all of today (yeah – my own fault, I know I don’t really deserve sympathy!)… IT IS DONE!!!

By ‘it’ I mean all three bits of coursework πŸ™‚

And with that, the last of my MSc (core) modules.


Dissertation to go, and the planning document before than (and before Barcelona!) – but right for just this very minute I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :):):)

Wowsers πŸ™‚

Moose on Monday, 30 April

It’s my first proper day-at-home-without-B since he came back I think – he’s out training today and I am free to do whatever I like but not feeling particularly up to singing, which should be the first option. We found an amazing flat on Saturday, totally brilliant in a lovely area and great value, but we’ve just heard that we’ve been rejected – the landlord had several applicants so I guess that’s fair enough. I kind of thought we wouldn’t get it, it was too good to be true but I still feel a little bit upset about it, if only because it means starting again from scratch. We have to be out of this place a month today and we’re no closer to finding anywhere that we actually like. We have one dud backup option and one to follow up tomorrow and that’s it. Outside the sky is blue and the poplars and blossoms are waving in the breeze and I just wish we could stay here! This whole process is driving me a bit nutty and we really need to find somewhere this week or next at the latest.

Anyway I need to go out and do some shopping so maybe that’ll clear my head. Yesterday we got all the cleaning done – B did the bathroom and with the steam mop I managed to get all the floors hoovered and cleaned in 20 minutes, which is so awesome! I’m just about on top of the laundry so the next thing to do is pack up some more stuff, think I’ll make a start on wrapping picture frames.

Then I guess some more property searching and then music until B comes home.

SL’s FTF, Mon 30th April

A good weekend – much snortage on Friday night with Moose and Cate, then saw other friends on Saturday and went to see Hay Fever which was good, but not quite as good as I remembered from a previous production. This seems to be a recurring theme, as the same thing happened with Noises Off – must lower my expectations in future or go to see plays I haven’t seen before! Yesterday was spent mainly here watching the Bridge and reading the comments on the Guardian blog on the subject which are quite entertaining, and other pootling about.

The first half of this week is going to be a bit crap as I have tons to do at work in preparation for a big meeting next week, and have to go to the dental hospital tomorrow, yippee, but at least I can stay late tonight and try to get as much done as possible, so that’s a useful safety valve. Must not panic!

First thing:

  • kettlebell x 25
  • ironing
  • coffee


  • make list on lovely new Clairefontaine notebook!
  • get IT problem fixed
  • crack on with accounts schedules, budget and commentary
  • give them to chief
  • eat delicious lunch – cold roast beef and salad, banana and 2 squares of Lindt Coconut Intense to which I am addicted πŸ˜‰
  • do complicated Capital Goods Scheme calculation as an encore


  • come home, collapse
  • G round late to look at promising email…

calypte 29th April

Right, today is the day of Finishing It All Off (fingers crossed) – left myself plenty to do, but let’s be positive!


  • menustrip!
  • add simple reporting output
  • change to put update quantities as method
  • add file export functionality
  • rebuild stock code, neatly!
  • stock report –Β started
  • bookstore report this just took all fucking day. I am Not Amused. But it’s done!!!!!! o_O
  • browser code
  • browser report

Me stuff:

  • meditation
  • stretches
  • celebratory Lush order!


  • Okay self: what IS it with me and fruit!? EAT THE PEAR!!!
  • defrost chilli for tomorrow’s tea

calypte 28th April

Okay – time to be cooking with gas!!

Me stuff:

  • meditation
  • stretches
  • celebratory HC order!

Chores, etc (including those carried forward from yesterday):

  • dishes
  • laundry
  • clean cooker –Β and microwave. Nothing makes housework so appealing as study deadlines!
  • eat the damn pear! –Β argh!
  • eat the yogurt with today’s date
  • defrost beef stew for tomorrow
  • make nommy s&s with egg fried rice πŸ™‚

The not-listed-out-in-advance-to-be-pressuring list of accomplishments:

  • added input type checking
  • fixed list overwriting issue
  • add button disallowing repeats
  • separated view update
  • delete button coded, with ‘are you sure’ message πŸ™‚
  • update/edit button coded
  • basic order form displaying!
  • I can has website πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
  • constructor added to take/convert string input
  • openFileDialog added
  • import file button coded

(Hopefully – nudge, self! – this is the longer bit…!)

Moosie Saturday, 28 April

Had a hilarious night out with SL&Cate last night and then a fabulous night’s sleep – I think it just goes to show how beneficial three hours of almost constant laughter with good friends is! I felt very relaxed right up until the damn alarm went off!

Today we have no fewer than six viewings, quite possibly more, with four different agents. We’ve focused on three or four of our favourite areas this week so I really hope we are able to find something we like and are happy to move forward with. I will be panicking a bit if we have to go to next weekend plus it’s a bank holiday so I guess a lot of people might be away? Although maybe that will work in our favour…

After that there’s a slim chance I’ll be able to catch up with Bridesmaid T for coffee, otherwise it’ll be come home, collapse, possibly clean some stuff, have a bath, and settle in forThe Bridge!

Oh and I Must Must Must BUY COFFEE today as I’m down to the very last few grinds in the pot argh!!

Moose (I think I’ll be Vex today!) 27 April

I was well stressed yesterday but feeling quite serene this morning! What is up with the moods at the moment?! I noticed last night that this is my favourite time of year in terms of daylight: it’s just getting light at 5am and stays light outside until 8.30pm or so which is nice for evening walks. We’re heading into four full months of more daylight than we can use yay!

I got up to exercise this morning – that’s three weeks I think of doing straightforward 30-min workouts on two out of four work mornings a week. It’s more than I was doing and less than I used to do, but it works really well because if we do accidentally have a late night (which happens at least once a week) I don’t have to stress about getting up early and grizzling through my workout when I’m already tired – and I can schedule them around other things that are going on. I do want to increase my level of activity and get fitter but I think I’ll make sure I can stick to this for a full month before adding in anything new.

I’m also surprised at how our eating habits are settling back down now. I’ve been trying to rein things in since the wedding and the first couple of days of new routines are hard, but it’s been surprisingly easy to fall back into habits like taking lunch to work most days, swapping carbs for salads in the evenings, having fruit for puddings and eating more healthily on the weekend. I feel like progress is being made and there’s no need to write off this year yet as there are two thirds of it left still!

Nice things to look forward to today and I’m going to try and keep my mind off the stressful things!

* workout + stretches
* writing
* tiny bit of work
* more writing
* lunch with the girls
* do some language stuff?
* plans for the weekend + think about May?

* meet SL & Cate for French notebooks in the Cavern of Wondrous Stationery, skip the culture and make straight for the cafe at the V&A (their scones are a culture of their own if you ask me!) and have a proper catchup!
* home, get some rest, busy day of viewings tomorrow!