calypte 29th jan

Hello, everybody! 🙂

Felt like high time I stopped by and proved I’m still alive! I am, and still ticking away albeit in search for a better way to motivate myself and keep track – maybe shouldn’t have read this article on why to-do lists don’t work – certainly, these are some of my issues with them right now!

What is working: the high-level plan of the week – one or two things per day that are on my calendar, fixed: yup, that’s some of the advice! So maybe I need to just put more stuff there? Ah, but how does one calenderize doing the dishes?! 😉

Another bit of reading led me to something called 18 minutes a day which asks you to have no more than 5 high-level goals – or, as I’ve scribbled elsewhere, I would rephrase as one main focus goal (per month – I need the refreshing change!) and then some general always-in-progress stuff like fitness, etc. What really strikes me from this is the idea of checking in with yourself each hour: ask, have I spent the last hour as intended, and how do I want to spend the next hour?

I think I’d like to get into a habit of changing tasks on the hour (with a 1-5 min break, perhaps) – fits in with my ‘Scannerism’ and urge to do EVERYTHING! On a more practical basis, I really really need to stop myself losing huge chunks of day to Plants vs Zombies (and the like)…! Perhaps if I know the studying is only for an hour (or, 57.5 minutes, like school…!) then I won’t feel quite so daunted to start?!

And finally, I’ve started myself a new blog called DreamScheme(do) [I love the title; I fear I may not do it justice!]. I wanted to take all the ‘motivational’ waffle out of my Scanner Diary (where I intended to write about projects and arty stuff): theory is, the new blog is for all this talking myself into stuff and getting organised (hence the minimisation of ‘do’). Hoping it won’t end up too dry and up my own… ahem!! 😉 So you might see this entry tidied up and rewritten in a clearer form – all feedback (of idea, or actual content when it gets going, and definitely recommendations for WP theme!) more than welcome from you all 🙂

Now, I really should go actually DO something – anything!! o_O

And just ‘cos I love lists no matter how unhelpful some people tell me they are, here’s my week and other high-level things:

  • Sunday – 500 words (week 4!!) due
  • Monday – pick up library book
  • Tuesday – dissertation workshop
  • Wednesday – My one new habit/goal per month is due for refreshment – what to choose next? Maybe the hour-thing as above? Or meditation? Or…?
  • Wednesday – tai chi class 2 (yay!) – actually, I like that this is now, moving on from the ‘exercise’ habit from January
  • Thursday – pick up M&S order / T staying for tea
  • Friday – nothing so far ‘cept relaxing 🙂

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  1. So, lot’s of stuff happening while you’re not posting FTFs, eh? 🙂

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