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1/31/12 ftf, wren

I seem to have a case of the sleepies so far this week.  Felt sleepy all day yesterday and am finding it hard to get out of bed today.  These are times when it would come in handy to like drinking coffee…


Get out of bed already! 🙂

Happy Dog Time!


tidy up kitchen

morning cardio


meta goals

achieve a second day of eating plan excellence

keep breathing, relaxing and affirming…whenever the need arrives

work day

AA grant

payroll reminder

approve payroll

more budgeting!


follow-up on laptop documentation

PSP pass-thru costs

check PSP payments with actual expenses

update employee home addresses

update Citi training manual

after work

make every effort to get out for a little after work hike, now that there is still light in the sky at 6 pm!

snuggle Mr. Wren

enjoy supper in moderation

SL’s FTF, Tues 31st Jan

Last day of the month, how January has flown by! Bring on the lighter mornings…

My mother’s coming round this evening as she’s in London today for a conference and needs to kill some time afterwards before getting the train home. Fortunately I managed to get the place cleared up reasonably well last night.

  • coffee
  • work – give work to L, check on B, write my verbal commentary on the accounts for tomorrow, deal with chief’s queries
  • leave at 5.00
  • dash home and clean some more
  • Mum to arrive and look at quilt for door
  • go out somewhere for dinner
  • put her on train
  • come back, maybe watch some more Borgen?
  • see G, drink aquavit 🙂

Moosie Tuesday, 31 January

Back to work today!! It’s almost worth going into work these days for the amusement factor – every week it seems something new, odd and/or dramatic happens! Must remember that it’s not real life and that the office is a little universe of its own where separate rules apply…

  • exercise
  • coffee / writing
  • morning routines
  • work: at least 1hr towards presentation + invoices
  • language stuff – try to get through it all + extra flashcards
  • writing – Feb goals etc.
  • out at lunchtime for more writing


  • 20 min piano
  • finish putting sleeve trial together
  • start cutting bridesmaid dress pieces
  • chores + evening routine

calypte 30th Jan

Almost wrote June there o.O Not sure if that’d be a good or bad thing – all bar one of my study deadlines would be past, at least!!

Talking of which, I can’t believe we’ve finishing the first month of the year (almost) and I’m still struggling to get motivation to restart everything after Christmas. Oh dear! Must do better I guess, but today finds me Monday-tired. A quiet, getting on with work kind of a day and yet I’m irked at how slowly everything is going. More, in danger of slipping into that “Is there a good point in me doing any of this”? – eeek! Maybe that article I read today was right: stilling my mind is the best route to happiness! Sometimes I think too much, indeed!

So. Going to relax for the last few hours of Monday, and here’s to a better Tuesday!

1/30/12 ftf, wren

Wow!  I had a super-active weekend.  Hiked on Saturday and Sunday (thanks to the good people who have stomped down the trails with their snow shoes!) and tried cross-country skiing for the first time on Sunday.  The skiing was fun, until Joseph decided that we should move to a groomed course.  The course had quite a few people on it, which made me nervous and distracted.  I need to get much more comfortable before trying that again.  I especially need to work on getting the skis in the bindings, which is surprisingly hard for me, and getting up after falling down.  Right now, I have to take the skis off in order to get back up, so then I am stuck with the problem of having so much trouble getting my boots in the bindings!  Why do they have to make it so hard?

I sure wish I could spend today exactly the way I spent yesterday, but it looks like I’ll have to work instead. 


Enjoy my rest day

Happy Dog Time!

piano practice



tidy up the house

today’s meta goals

breathe, relax & affirm if the urge to eat when not hungry strikes

breathe, relax & affirm in order to maintain positive outlook

stick to food plan

record everything eaten

work day

prepare for conference call

9:00 am conference call

another DSS

update Sourav’s info

update budget with new EZ info

send wishlish to Dennis

management reports

continue budgeting


follow-up on laptop documentation

PSP pass-thru costs

check PSP payments with actual expenses

update employee home addresses

update Citi training manual

after work


early to bed

Moosie Monday, 30 January

I do love the 30th, it’s such a neat number and signifies the changeover from one month to the next! And I do love a good lie in so that’s two good things so far today! Time to crack on now because there are a few things I promise myself I’d get done by the end of the month, and a few others that need to be done just because.

Month-End Spring Clean continues: (hmmm it’s time to make some coffee to get me through this!)

  • change bedding (not monthly! but needs doing)
  • clean windows (ugh)
  • clean fridge
  • clean cupboards
  • clean under/appliances
  • laundry
  • go through trunks and see what can be disposed of/consolidated/anything else to go in?
  • hoovering
  • general tidying and dusting
  • dust the blinds? I made a start on one but it’s a long old job!

Other things that must get done today:

  • final invitations
  • post office
  • superdrug
  • food shop
  • make curry for the week


  • piano
  • sleeve sewing
  • pattern-piece-cutting
  • songwriting
  • blog-updating

Then general evening routine stuff because the madness begins again tomorrow!

silvie FTF 30 Jan

Another week – another firefight!!

Have been up since 5:30 (although  did sneak back for an hour or so before getting a shower) and have been seeing to dogs all that time, feeding, cleaning up, walking, grooming (now grooming the pupsters so they get used to it and don’t try to bite the brush). playtime, more cleaning up…they have now settled down but will be wanting feeding very soon.

We are thinking of changing the dogs to a raw food diet, as they evidence seems to be that it is healthier and more natural, and to be honest mainly because there will be less poo!!  6 dogs create a lot!  So looking into that now and the costs etc.  and what we need to do in the transition phase.

Greenhouse is now in a skip <sob, sob>

So what do I still have to do?

  • Speak to man about a car and possible test drive
  • Chase outstanding cheque
  • Call vets re pups first shots and microchipping
  • Admin
  • Websites
  • Dog diet research
  • Decide on names for the two guys we are keeping – looks like it will be Fig and Ludo and the moment 🙂