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12/31/11 ftf, wren

Ah, am feeling so much better after yesterday’s Day of Taking It Easy!

I admit here, under this relative veil of secrecy, that I am not a fan of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebrations.  I have a philosophical aversion to clocks and calendars & also wonder about the American tradition of starting the new year with a hangover. 

Maybe I should work on this & find a way to have it be an enjoyable celebration?

Anyway, I started the day with a fantastic mountain hike.  Have some cooking & cleaning, piano-playing, bathing & reading to look forward to, and all is right with the world!

One more thing, my very favorite animal rights and animal adoption organization has an executive assistant opening in their Salt Lake City office.  I am thinking about applying.  Clearly, I am qualified.  I fear that the salary & benefits will be much less than I am used to and am wondering why that fear, which is just based on a hunch, is holding me back?

Awesome snowy hike with dogs

Cut, chop, grate, saute and otherwise put together a fantastic lasagna dinner

tidy up living room

work on this week’s piano piece, Ode to Joy

at least think about getting that computer printer working

vacuum up muddy paw prints

decadent bath with reading

Moosie New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone?! Has everyone had a bath? I think we’ll have to rename ourselves something like the Bath Brigade, or even better, Bath Bandits! if this goes on! Anyway I hope everyone has a great NYE.

  • Go shopping! This is proper shopping, like I never do – mooching around for things I’d quite like to have, like a new cookbook and pretty things and a few presents for people. Might be a bit mad to do it today but anyway, I can come home if I get fed up!
  • Shop for food – this might require a separate outing
  • Clean the house – everything has to be clean and sparkly for the New Year! And that includes the bathroom…
  • Have a Bath, obviously.
  • Sewing – have been really inspired with the Bridesmaid’s dress, would be great to knock out most of it today
  • Music – piano and songs
  • Languages if time – bear in mind that the first week of the new year technically starts today because my schedule runs Saturday-Friday!
  • Massive writing time, sort out goals for the year, month and week.
  • Blog some of that hopefully.
  • Cook some great food!
  • See in the New Year!

SL’s FTF, Sat 31st Dec

New Year’s Eve, zonino!

I’m getting far too used to not having to get up early. My natural waking-up time has shifted from 8.00 earlier in the week to almost 9.00 today. Going back to work on Tuesday’s going to be a killer!

Yesterday was great – wandered around all the posh parts of town (I can report there’s no bloody recession in Fortnums, the place was swarming with tourists) and bought some books and some nice food. Then made steak pudding and oatcakes, which were very well-received. G turned up at 2.00 and hung around all afternoon reading my Josephine Tey novels, so I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done, but it was nice.

For wren’s benefit, steak pudding is not a dessert-type pudding. It’s a savoury dish more like a pie, but with suet in the pastry instead of e.g. butter. This creates a texture rather like dumplings, if you’ve come across those. There’s a recipe here with a picture – it’s normally steak and kidney pudding in this country, but I find it hard to find kidneys and am a bit squeamish about chopping them up so I leave them out.

Today then…

  • clear up carnage
  • get up
  • clean flat a bit and convert bed
  • pop to supermarket
  • eat leftover steak pudding for lunch 😀
  • blog
  • email Steffi as didn’t get round to it yesterday
  • make Kiva loan – have added a little extra NY resolution of one new loan per month
  • make treacle pudding! woohoo! It’s a Delia recipe and therefore statutorily forbidden to go wrong
  • update ipod
  • piano
  • have a lovely NYE with G – we are being seriously decadent tonight and drinking some amazing booze – should be good. Looking forward to seeing fireworks out the window at midnight. I can now see the mighty Shard from my window, did I mention that before?
Have a good evening everyone!

12/30/11 ftf, wren

Another holiday – yay!  I’m feel a bit under the weather, possibly the result of  so many medications to fight the tenacious ear infection.   This may be a good day for taking it easy.

It’s exciting to note that the sun is already rising noticeably earlier!  The weather is going to be warm again today, which means that I’d better get out hiking early, before the trails turn to mud. 

Hike with dogs

pick up prescription

devote a little time to piano playing

start sauce for lasagna; let it simmer all day

at least think about connecting the printer

at least think about taking some career counseling tests

at least think about looking in to online paralegal training

work on cleaning the living room

bath with reading

or, alternative plan of laying in bed all day, napping, reading & watching movies

Moosie Friday, 30 December

New Year’s Eve Eve! Which means 2 more days and I get to start a new journal 😀 !! I have a feeling it’s going to be another busy day (would help if I got out of bed before midday but then what are holidays for?! I had the most gloriously restful sleep, and a big lounge under the soft duvet, and an entire pot of tea!)

  • Get showered, dressed etc
  • Get out the house, walk to the Big Park and then on to the Fabric Warehouse (hurrah!)
  • Buy Fabric, look for bathroom storage, hopefully back by 4ish
  • Coffee!
  • Allow an hour for blog time
  • Plenty of cleaning – don’t leave it all for tomorrow!
  • Language stuff
  • Music stuff
  • Sewing
  • Writing
  • BATH. I tried to have one yesterday but didn’t put the boiler on early enough and it was lukewarm :S I was so disappointed! Definitely DEFINITELY tonight!

SL’s FTF, Fri 30th Dec

New Year’s Eve Eve!

After spending most of yesterday sneezing and croaking and generally feeling awful, last night I stuck on some music and suddenly perked up. Slept much better and am now feeling ready to get out there and shop! Well, once I’ve had my coffee and surfed a bit of course 😉

  • coffee, leisurely surf
  • get up
  • clear up carnage
  • get food for the next few days – Fortnums (in case there is stuff in the sale – Andrew got some nice pate last year!), Selfridges for posh smoked salmon, La Fromagerie (if I can bring myself to get through the miasma of smugness that place exudes) and finally the Ginger Pig for the main event
  • lug it all home and collapse (or maybe get taxi? how decadent!)
  • listen to cheery radio or maybe Monocle Radio for extra pretentiousness
  • make steak pudding for this evening yay 😀
  • some time this afternoon, make my extra hardcore oatcakes
  • relax, read, DVD etc.
  • dinner with G

12/29/11 ftf, wren

Hooray!  My New Year Holiday has begun.  The next 5 days are just for me!

My mom sent me some Christmas money, and by shopping smartly I ordered two gorgeous new sweaters to start me off on a knitwear fetish and a pair of Keen hiking sandals.  The sweaters haven’t yet arrived, but the Keens came yesterday, and they are fabulous.  I envision wearing them on our upcoming trip to the Continent!

I applied for a different job yesterday and am feeling a bit anxious/excited/unsettled about it.  I’m just not that happy at my work these days.  The new job would be much more limited in scope and would just utilize my grants management skills.  I wouldn’t be a boss, would have actual equal colleagues, would work in a fairly autonomous way, would not have to worry about money, and would not be a target for every yahoo with authority figure issues who comes in range.

It feels strange to have taken the step to submitting an application.  It’s kind of like when you move from the stage of complaining about being unhappy in a relationship to slowly moving your things out of the shared apartment.  It’s a pretty big deal for me to be looking elsewhere, since my tendency has always been to wait until the point of daily misery before taking action. 

Anyway, we’ll see what comes from this application, and I’ll keep looking for other options and also getting things in order so that I can easily leave if something else comes along.

But enough about work for crying out loud!  I have the day to myself.  The weather has turned rather warmish.  At the moment, the sky is sending us freezing rain, but the sun is supposed to be out by late morning.  This may make for some muddy hiking.  Oh well. 

Tidy up the house  done!

Proceed with plan of cleaning one room per day.  done – bedroom & part of bathroom & office

select one new piece of piano music to learn & start learning it!

See doctor for thyroid medicine refill

hike with Becca & Elbee after doctor

At least think about setting up computer printer  thought about it, cleared a space for it, took it out of the box…

nice bath with reading (I had a wonderfully Lush Christmas and am currently reading Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood)

At least think about taking some online career counseling tests

make something nice for supper