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Silvie – Hallowe’en

Spooky day today…It gets dark early…eeekkkk!!

  • Car in to garage to sort out the Emmission Valves (whatever they are – see above).
  • Doggy care.  Blanche is filthy, she looks like she has been rolling in mud.  Don’t know whether to bathe her, or hope it will brush out when it dries.  Bit worried about stressing her with a bath due to her possible condition.
  • Book scan for Blanche ( will have to bathe her before she goes if the mud won’t brush out)
  • Buy purple top
  • Practice
  • Email webby man re vids
  • Do puppy update on the website
  • Emails
  • Call various workmen if they don’t ring back
  • Walk dogs before it gets all dark and spooky

SL’s FTF, Mon 31st Oct

Had an excellent weekend and today felt a bit like another lie-in with it being lighter outside.

Today we’re interviewing again for the full-time post – three today, one on Wednesday. Paws crossed we like at least one of them… I also need to get ready what I’m going to say at tomorrow’s big meeting, because I won’t have time tomorrow as it’s the part-time person’s first day.

  • coffee, scrambled eggs
  • work work work
  • email E and N now that I have updated my wine blog
  • email AM
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • Young Apprentice?

Silvie – 30th October

Hi all…still here 🙂

Had a busy week mainly because we went to a dog event in which our 13month old baby girl was competing in Salisbury.  Went there and back in a day, and spent the day there walking through brush and woods and cover while the dogs worked and did their stuff.  So I sensibly rested up the day before and crashed out the day after.

Anyway she was eliminated in the first round for not going out for her retrieve.  However it was great to see her, and we had some bonding time and cuddles which was good too.  She is getting very keen and her breeder thinks that this was a great litter (her sis and bro are doing well too) so is thinking of repeating the mating.  We had a fantastic day, and she should not be too upset at being eliminated as two of the most experienced dogs were also out in the first round for ‘running in’ – ie going for the retrieve before being told.  So maybe if we mix her reluctance with their eagerness we might get a result 🙂


Yesterday the car let me down.  Complete lack of power and an orange warning light.  Daren’t go down to the village bakers, as I don’t think it would have got back up the hill.  Had a man come out to look at it today, and he has done a temp fix, and I have to take it to the dealers tomorrow.

Also had to take the boys to the V.E.T. for their boosters.  Had a bit of a problem when Zeke saw the box of apples in the waiting room labelled ‘Help Yourself’.  Hmmmm, didn’t realise he could read.

And my next group of OU students have arrived.  Well 3 of them have arrived, another couple are lurking, and the rest I hope will appear before too long.  Already getting emails and queries, and am busy posting ‘Don’t Panic’ messages to them all.  So will be back into marking and stuff before too long.

Orchestra committee meeting last week too and we have decided for the Christmas concert we can wear a splash of colour!!  Hurrah!!  I can wear my black dress with purple satin trim.  I think I need a purple satin shrug now to wear on my shoulders so better do an internet search for that.

So today we have been trying to video Zeke and Blanche doing retrieves, writing a news bulletin for the society about recent events, and sorting out the car.  Still to do is a practice session, student molly coddling, dog time, and a roast for tonight’s dinner (getting dark early tonight, must remember to get the dogs out soon while we can still see).




SL’s FTF, Fri 28th Oct

Just me again is it? 😀

Had a very good day yesterday – finished my stuff and then discovered the Office for National Statistics survey I thought I had to do was optional, so I didn’t do it, and got one VAT return done instead. Left at 5, did food shopping and had a cheery evening with G who asked me what I was doing for New Year’s Eve… we agreed to have a repeat of last year’s self-indulgent evening, bodes well.

Today I may have to rush around town to get some documents signed, gotta love our lawyers leaving things to the last minute. Otherwise, a nice quiet day and have promised the team Friday Frapps because I won the rugby world cup sweepstake!

  • coffee, scrambled eggs
  • work – crack on with second VAT return, dash around if necessary, read agenda papers for next Tues, do some more checking
  • pop over to Marylebone etc, maybe Waterstones too
  • this evening? not sure. Either a quiet one or poss steak with G if he’s around.

SL’s FTF, Thurs 27th Oct

Had a good time at the wine-tasting last night and it was nice to see my family. On the way to Knightsbridge tube someone stopped us and asked if we knew where Waitrose was, he he! Sadly my Waitrose radar failed on this occasion.  When I was looking into moving, for some reason Knightsbridge never occurred to me 🙂

Today I’m hoping to get comments back on the accounts from our property whiz and then I shall have to spring into action and update them. After that, I thought I could put my feet up but have realised the VAT returns need to be done next week but next week is going to be very busy and there are various other things to be done too so need to get a headstart. No rest for the wicked!

  • coffee, scrambled eggs
  • update and finalise accounts
  • crack on with other stuff
  • email K and thank her for Italy photos
  • quiet night in

SL’s FTF, Wed 26th Oct

Hopefully the last day of mad panic and rushing about at work today, but I slept well and have a more Positive Attitude than I did on Monday!

This evening there’s another wine tasting, in Knightsbridge (poshy posh) and my parents, bro and SIL are all coming too so it will be nice to see them.

  • ironing
  • coffee, scrambled eggs
  • work – review and finalise accounts and make sure any last-minute changes get reflected all the way through, write paper about the loan, prepare other stuff
  • wend my way down to Knightsbridge for wine tasting (must not drink too much)
  • home, crash out!


Moosie Wednesday, 26 October

Ahoy me hearties! Moose on the horizon!

I have ten days to go, so each one of these lists is getting kind of crucial…!

  • tea, journal
  • get to work (yesterday was a lot of train drama, hopefully today will be easier!)
  • buy supplies at M&S
  • work thing 1
  • work thing 2
  • more journal at lunch
  • writing
  • think about sleeves some more…
  • logistics: sit down and properly list out what’s left, make a master packing list
  • research
  • invitations?


  • possibly shopping although it can wait until tomorrow
  • laundry!
  • hem the skirt and the lining, trip and tie in loose ends
  • top: start with pinning the piping
  • sleep!