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SL’s FTF, Sun 31st July

Safely back in the hood, all zookeeping duties completed successfully and they were all alive when I left – phew!

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here and nice to return to a clean flat.

  • unpack
  • take stuff to recycling
  • food shopping
  • meet G and head over to Brixton for boozy Sunday lunch with Baron McG of Croque-Epoisses, haven’t seen him for ages, should be fun
  • snooze?
  • ironing
  • await call from dear mama when they get back this evening
  • early night! rock and roll 🙂
Happy Sundays!

calypte Sunday July 31st

Urm, where is everyone!?

Anyhoo. Today is the last day of my holiday, which turned out to be more of a holiday (relaxing!) than I expected (studying!). It’s been fab – a real reminder of how I am with a little less pressure and a little more calm in my life; a great chance to remember what’s important to me when the ‘urgent’ backs off a little. Of course, can’t be on holiday forever (unless, lottery… dreams!) but just 1.5 weeks ’til the exam is over and I can maybe do more ‘wanna’ stuff, and one not-so-distant day (next year) the studying will be over, and I’ll just have the day job on my plate. Can’t wait!! And if I could keep a better sense of perspective ’til then…!

Study stuff includes:

  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • indexes!
  • security – for ratings, rather than ‘security’?
  • nb still to figure out how to get it all online properly!


  • laundry
  • trim ham, get in the slow cooker already!
  • prep/roast ton’o’root veg
  • eat nectarine
  • make yogurt?
  • meditation
  • pooter off by 8pm
  • in bed (reading) no later than 9:30!!

Spendy treats:

  • M&S
  • Crafty Devils

If I have a mad fit:

  • review
  • sort bottom drawer

Silvie July 29th

Went for a lie down with my kindle yesterday and slept for 2.5 hours!!  I do feel a lot better for it though, even tho today my back is still v painful.  Anyway enough of my moaning.  If I can just clear up these last few accounty things I can have a relaxing weekend.

Have already put away the Tesco shopping and been out with and groomed the dogs.  Time to get lunch now.

  • CSO accounts stuff
  • Home accounts stuff
  • A little marking
  • Research video editing software
  • Tomato care
  • Dog walking
  • Kindle reading
Not too much then

7/29/11 ftf, wren

Start the countdown to the weekend!!!  And today’s workday starts off with a canceled meeting…truly a reason to rejoice!


Happy dog time

a.m. circuit training




9:30 am mystery meeting

approve payroll

annual report

paperwork for pt rsch asst job x 2

2:15 pm meet new bigwig

more UMS crap

letter to Brady family

research square footage

check on Alz Assoc grant status

Lilly final invoice

order mini fridge for boss

org chart for proposed new divisional structure

after work



cook supper!


SL’s FTF, Fri 29th July

Reporting in from the wilds of middle England, am pleased to say the poltergeist did not get me in the night and the spider that appeared to have taken up residence next to my bed had moved by the time I actually went to bed.

So, as you may have gathered, not much happening here and that’s the way I like it.


  • get up, get ambushed by exuberant small deaf cat who doesn’t realise how loud his miaows are!


  • search for blind cat, check it hasn’t died in the night – all well
  • zookeeping duty
  • open gate and check badger nuts have been eaten – yes
  • breakfast
  • quality time with stripy cat
  • quality time with blind cat
  • quality time with deaf cat
  • avoid fight occurring when blind and deaf cat want to sit on me at the same time
  • (mad cat is outside, relatively self-sufficient)
  • continue reading Outlook book
  • continue reading Jo Nesbo book – the Leopard
  • some lazy surfing
  • watch DVDs – not sure if I need to start rationing myself so still have something for tomorrow
  • piano – the baby grand is covered with photos and am too lazy to move them, but the upright in the hall has a delightful cheery timbre and is a pleasure to play

Happy Fridays everyone!


Moosie Friday 29 July

Have just arrived at work after doing an extra-special early-morning Fabulous Friday, to celebrate B’s last 4am wake up. Left home at 5.15, went to Hyde Park and journalled by the Serpentine, then walked the 4 miles across London to work. It was amazing and surreal but I think I am going to be a bit savoury by the end of the day!

Yesterday I had a brilliant, focused, industrious day and got a massive pile of stuff done (finished the kanji! woohoo!) and then popped to the shops on the way home and found a top I really loved when we went a couple of months ago reduced from £18 to £6, and another two really lovely useful shirts for £14! It was like the stars had aligned! Then naturally I got home and diaster struck and ended up tossing and turning all night.

I am going to be on hiatus for the next little while – having a bit of time off work, No Plans, no obligations, and a computer/internet detox which I think I (and my laptop!) really badly need. I was going to start next week with my time off but given the state of things I really feel like just hiding out for a while, so will bring it forward to start tomorrow. Which means today I need to:

  • write & upload Fab Friday post & pics
  • finish writing up Kanji now I have the official list (565 to learn ek!)
  • pin down top 3 venues for visits, argh have forgotten to bring the wedding scrapbook (but then actually probably couldn’t have lugged it four miles anyway.)
  • reply to e-mails etc.
  • don’t need to work out tonight hurrah
  • shopping is coming between 7&8
  • clean something!

Radio silence ’til the 10th, if you see me here (or anywhere else!) you have my permission to tell me to go away!

Cate’s FTF Friday 29th July

Was out from 11am to 11pm but had a really great day with another photog. and hopefully we will be working together in the future. Came home to the most grumpy M so just went to bed, probably a good thing as might have stayed up another hour or 2 watching crap and slept quite well although it’s never long enough.

Some bits to do

  • Re-upload pesky gallery that is misbehaving
  • Buy milk we have none
  • Reply to emails etc from yesterday including comments left
  • Send gallery link to N
  • Update form
  • Final cull of A job, add in any pix from crazy assistant renumber, may start editing not sure
  • Dinner with A tonight very much looking forward to seeing her – she is a beacon of positivity!