Forgotten Grats!

Well bloody hell, I wrote all of this out yesterday and never pressed Publish!! I am a tool. So this was what I had to say yesterday:

1. First should obviously be getting my giant arse to Giant Arse. Always a fun time, and nice to meet some more Renegade Bloggers! A shame I couldn’t stay longer but…

2. …I then went to meet 3 of my Besties for drinks and a lovely pizza at Fire & Stone off the Strand. Yummer!

3. That the Universe decreed that CHB and I should end up virtually cheek to cheek on the train this morning despite it not being our usual one or my usual carriage.

4. That although the work part of work is tedious, not stretching me and is somewhat unfulfilling, the rest is pretty fun. I spent the afternoon emailing R about her unusual crush on one of the managers and teasing her because I sit much much nearer to him than she does 😉

5. That I got paid a LOT more than I was expecting. I never normally calculate these things so poorly, especially not when the end result is so spectacularly in my favour!

6. That my Caitlin Moran book has been despatched. I can’t wait to read it.

7. My wonderful haircut – I got lots of compliments and I really really like it!

So that was then, and this is now:

1. Being told I’m above the normal standard for new starters at work. I should bloody well hope so, if that doesn’t sound too big headed!

2. Meeting up with a friend I’ve known nearly ten years but have only seen about twice in the flesh. We went to The Diner in Shoreditch and it was really nice. And much as I’m wary of getting a reputation of being some kind of man obsessive, there was a couple of dead cute guys there.

3. Wandering around Shoreditch. It’s really cool. Where I work is drab and boring but about 2 minutes away everything gets amazing.

4. That my Caitlin Moran book has arrived, yippee!

5. Buying Cha Cha Tint and remembering to go via so I can get my points!

6. Feeling generally cheery and calm and like Everything Is Going To Be OK

7. A couple of nice new tops (although the other two were too small, boo)

Right. I’m off to my personal blog to Sort My Life Out now, sorry for rambling on!


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