Monday Grats

Hello everybody, despite feeling desperate to get back to the gym and having lost one of my favourite earrings, here are my grats for the day:

  • That Curly Haired Boy was on the train this morning. He wasn’t there Friday, my “OCD” did not like that. Also, I think it might have been a lie when I said I didn’t fancy him… :-S
  • This Tweet which made me roar with laughter: “@RealBobMortimer just opened a takeaway pizza and found richard hammonds patio table”. It wasn’t by Bob Mortimer but he’s proving to be excellent value on Twitter, saying something then retweeting myriad funny responses. If you have an account I deffo recommend a follow.
  • OK so the Red Skinny Jeans did make me sad, but I have different new jeans today which fit perfectly and are almost too big. ASOS really need to get their sizing sorted, the red jeans, although a slightly different cut, are the same size yet I can barely do them up. RAGE.
  • A nice day at work. My boss wasn’t in and it just felt all calm and lovely.
  • That I found my iPhone earphones. My favoured ones gave up the ghost about a week ago, but I’ve found these to tide me over until I can replace the ones I love.
  • The finale of Glee. Most of it was boring to be honest, but the last few scenes really made up for it. A little bit involving Mercedes was my fave 🙂
  • Getting tickets to the Wireless Festival in July. We’re just going for the Sunday but Metronomy (my favourite ‘new’ band), Grace motherfreakin’ Jones and PULP are playing. I’m almost as excited as when I went to see Blur. Just need to see Suede now and I’ll have my Britpop Holy Trinity under my belt!
  • A fun and accidentally very drunken afternoon/evening in Crystal Palace yesterday
  • That I’m going to see my Mum on Friday, yay!
  • That my stolen internet is continuing to work. There was a blip on Saturday morning so I bought a dongle which will be good back up if that happens again!
  • And most importantly, that the fog seems to have fully dissipated, that I have lots of fun things to look forward to and that I’m feeling positive once again 😀

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