OMG. I am online. On my laptop. Not squinting over my iPhone or looking wistfully at things I can’t afford on the computer in my lunchbreak at work. I am ON-freaking-LINE. OK…so I’m stealing someone else’s unsecured wireless but more fool them, I was literally going crazy without it so have dropped any pretence of fear at either getting found out and shouted at or of a horrible virus getting into my machine (might happen) and got the hell into the World Wide Web.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been desperately unhappy. I’m still not right now and I don’t know if I’m turning a corner or just feeling OK for the moment. I don’t really know what to do about it and feel rather adrift and pathetic. This is badass, this isn’t just feeling a bit sad and down and/or pre-menstrual, this is a full on, snarling Black Dog sinking his teeth into me. I’m afraid because of this and because I’ve not properly been online I haven’t been keeping up with everyone so I have no idea how everyone is and what everyone’s up to and because of this (and the Dog and my prolonged absence) I feel a little like I’m crashing the party – especially as I missed all the Other Place hoo-ha. Anyway. Let’s not dwell on that, today has been one of my better days so let’s celebrate the reasons why:

1. Train Regulars – There is a morning one and a couple of evening ones. The morning one is a guy with great curly hair and good dress sense who I like to spot as I get off the train and also as he passes me on the escalator (I’m a stander, he’s a walker!). The afternoon ones are a gay couple (I’m not certain but am pretty sure) who get off at my stop and they seem cute and lovely and I like the continuity of having them in my carriage!

2. That the boys, R and myself seem to have formed a lovely little post-Training group and we do lunch and so on. Also M went to grab me when he thought I was about to be run over on the way to the pub at lunchtime and it was a fleeting and small moment but it was lovely to have someone be so protective.

3. That I had to call my old work with a genuine work query and I got through to one of my bestest buddies. It made me deliriously happy.

4. Arranging a meet up with a few people I went to school with. Scary stuff but also pretty exciting. Hope I’m not so mopey by then :-/

5. That there are red skinny jeans on ASOS Curve. I want them a lot.

6. Bradley Cooper in The Hangover II

7. Taramasalata

8. Being online. OMFG this feels SO GOOD.


Comments on: "So I’m not sure this “interweb” lark will catch on…" (8)

  1. Yay, you’re alive! Don’t feel bad, you know you’re always welcome in this little renegade camp. 🙂 I hope the Black Dog will get lost soon – in the mean time, take care of yourself!

    • ladymisse said:

      Thanks Vex 🙂
      I’m hoping it’ll find another bone to gnaw on soon as well!

  2. Oh no sorry to hear about the Black Dog. Can you tell it to Fuck Right Off? (TM, I am plugging the new book that I haven’t written yet)

    Glad you’re back online, don’t worry about catching up, and the fact that you found some good stuff to write about is encouraging! Always nice to have some Train Hotties to check out 😉

    • ladymisse said:

      That sounds like the perfect idea, I think it’s a bit deaf though :-S

      Actually they’re not Hotties! The Hotties are crawling out of the woodwork at work but these are just commuters I like to tick off in the morning/evening! (Of my list obvs, not as in annoy…)

  3. Yayyyy! You’re here!! Thank fuck for that. I agree with Leopard’s thoughts on the Black Dog and hope it will be gone soon!
    Yay though!

  4. Do you want me to release my hounds on your Black Dog? They’re ready and wiling 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon and so glad to see you back on line:)

  5. Good to see you!

    My little black dog Elbee is wondering why people are talking about black dogs as if they are a bad thing. But anyway, I hope yours moves on quickly.

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