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6/30/11 ftf, wren

The workplace drama continued in spades yesterday, as the two departing study coordinators sent a super nasty letter accusing out clinical trials director of incompetence.  Lots of maneuvering, and the upshot is that our clinical trials director has been relieved of his duties, we’ve brought in a new temporary director, we’ll be working on hiring a new full time director, and we have to hire a bunch of new staff.  All while my boss is getting ready to leave town so he can take care of his aging parents.

Bad feelings all around, but at least I was able to remain relatively detached and be of service.  I’m hoping today will be quiet, now that my boss is gone.  I’m totally uncertain of how to explain this situation to job applicants when they come in for interviews.  I want to give them a clear picture of the situation but don’t want to scare them off.  Argh.  The whole thing just exhausts me.

But it is the last day of work before a four-day weekend, which is a big brightside!


happy dog time under thunderstormy skies

morning circuit training


check on garden (probably no need for water because of all the rain)

work day

payroll reminder

payroll approval

finish ORH grant application

get everything ready for new employee on Monday

check on Alz Assoc grant status

update UMS

K23 project set up

request Elan 301 extension

after work

rejoice for the long weekend!

hike with dogs, if the rain has stopped

Silvie FTF 30th June

Blimey!!!  The second half of the year looming already.

Just managed to get the dogs out before the heavens opened.  Poor Archie is a bit clingy today after he inadvertently got himself shut in the wood last night.  I was out so in no way to blame, but DH came in after walking the pack last evening and got his tea and then settled down to watch the Apprentice without doing a head count  then wondered why there was some distant barking outside.

Poor Arch must have been there for about 2 hours.  I guess for a start he was quite happy as there is a lot to keep a dog occupied up there, and he has been working on several earthworks, but then became distressed when he realised everyone else had gone and the gate was shut.

Good job it didn’t thunder.

Got quite a bit done yesterday, but still a lot to get on with.

  • Chase R re T2 if no email today
  • Send reminder to HMP re T2  for N
  • Bank cheques
  • Check on password etc for Internet banking for the society
  • Call builder re another phase of works (outside thank goodness)
  • Go to Big City for appt this afto and possibly do a little shopping
  • Print off CSO stuff for Sunday
  • More stud dog research if time (it’s looking like it might be Ben so far)
  • email D re health checks and game fair
  • email last concert data to R for performing rights return
  • Tomatoes
  • Dogs
  • Practice
  • Plant bomb on the TGF to get some activity from lurkers (NB that is a hypothetical bomb on the forum, not a real bomb on some continental train)
  • Watch the Apprentice
Gah!!! Too much!!

SL’s FTF, Thurs 30th June

Half way through the year – blimey!

Had fun last night and necked my own body weight in free champagne. We didn’t actually go into the abbey but walked through beautiful cloisters to get to the garden and it was very surreal to think that this tranquil place was right in the heart of Westminster. Chief and P were there as well as ace colleague Z, so we ended up having a lot of work chat but it was very useful to talk about things in an informal setting and I think we may be going to get action on a situation that’s been bothering me as a result.

Lots of people are on strike today – teachers etc. I have no sympathy – life expectancy is much higher than it was when these pensions were introduced and the maths doesn’t add up if people work 40 years and then live till 100 and get a nice index-linked pension for 40 years… not even Red Ted is supporting the strikers and they are causing lots of disruption for parents, anyone travelling etc.

Today then:


  • coffee, scrambled eggs
  • make hardboiled eggs for lunch (have just remembered I used to do this back in the day)
  • ironing since failed to do it last night, probably just as well


  • it should be very quiet today as hardly anyone is in, so hoping to get the Word doc finished, fend off the auditors and then maybe even get back to the cashflow


  • tai chi?
  • food shopping
  • Apprentice on iplayer
  • continue reading book

Vex Thursday 30.6.2011

Ugh. N’s grandma has gotten worse and we’ve been on red alert for a couple of days. She seems to have stabilized now (fingers crossed), although she is also half the person she used to be. Sucks. But at least she’s physically ok and mostly rational/functional.

Why isn’t it Friday yet?

  • work (dept meeting, inform boss of red alert and ask for more flexi time)
  • find a plumber (ask Z? he had a plumber in yesterday)
  • call for bike tyres
  • afternoon nap
  • plans for next week/month with N (D’s wedding? massage? vacation? nephew visit?)
  • exercise (no more crossfit – we’re done for this “school” year)

Moose’s (what are we now?) Thursday?? 30 June

Last day of the Quarter and half the year done! And I can’t even work out which day it is – Wednesday dissolved into a mixture of actual (but very very old and fairly pointless) work and mass chit-chats, which is fair enough. My best work friend has a new job! I don’t know what I will do when she leaves! But it’s good for her, she hates her job lol.

Feels like the calm before the storm, there’s not that much I can actually get on with this week in a practical sense, I’m waiting for two big decisions from other people so I feel like I’m just kind of chugging along, but it’s summer and Wimbledon is on etc. etc. so maybe it’s OK?!

  • Coffee, journal
  • Alexander Technique on the train
  • work work???
  • want to finish the 3 articles I started planning yesterday
  • Japanese
  • something else?
  • General mid-year type thinky time
  • home, work out, online stuff
  • don’t have to cook today woohoo! We can eat something from the great hotch-potch of leftovers!!
  • clean something
  • music time
  • more journal – I think trying to finish this one by the end of today is a little bit ambitious BUT maybe I’ll take it to work with me buah ha ha…

I’m still here

Not been posting for a while, but just too hectic here.  Mainly dog stuff, CSO stuff, and OU stuff, and of course so sunny I have to stay indoors.

Been working on the clumber spaniel website and membership stuff.  I volunteered to write something about breeding strategies (as I was researching anyway) and had to be very PC as there are two factions with very opposing views over what is OK and what is not.  I ended up writing far too much, and fortunately DH was able to distill it down to a one piece of paper ‘Breeding for dummies’.  Then of course everyone wanted to tweak it.

Anyway it’s up now, and waiting for the fall out from certain members when they see it.

Orchestra concert is on Sunday, and I am so not prepared.  I have to print out all the programmes so that must be doen soon (tomorrow possibly) as well as work out how to play some of the stuff.  Am listening to Borodin 2 on a continuous loop to help me get more familiar with it (the other 2 pieces I know)

We rehearsed the Bruch with our soloist last night, and it was brilliant.  So hard rehearsing a concerto with the solo part missing, and he was soooo good, even if he did come in half a bar early at one point.

Meanwhile trying to find a suitable sire for our pups.  The gene pool is so small, but the ones with different genes seem to have dodgy genes (bad hips, bad eyes) so we may just go with a relation…have found one guy who I think is Zeke’s Uncle on his mother’s side, but not so closely related to Blanche so could be OK.  Need to check his other progeny for health now to see he doesn’t throw anything dodgy,as far as we can.  Talk about arranged marriage – I never realised it would be so involved.

And next week a shedful of assignments are due in, so I should be checking the TGF that they are all alright and have enough confidence to get stuck in.  – Tomorrow for that one then.

And I wanted to watch some tennis!!!

Anyway, I’ve not left – just wanted to give you an update.

Must go, it’s quartet tonight, and I’ve not had ‘me tea’ yet. (That’s Tea as in the Northern equivalent of the main meal of the day)

6/29/11 ftf, wren

Yesterday was the most awful day for my boss and generally super hectic.  Thank goodness I was able to stay detached from the drama. 

For one thing, his 91 year dad has suddenly gone into decline, so Boss is trying to make arrangements for his care over the phone & meanwhile his elderly parents are being uncooperative about accepting his help.  Next, he forgot his cell phone at home, which he is apparently rather reliant on.  Then a third of our four clinical research coordinators gave notice.  That’s three over the span of two weeks.  And then two of the ones who are leaving sent a scathing letter to a number of faculty members condemning our director of clinical trials for incompetency.  Sadly, I have been telling my boss for years that director, who is a dear man, isn’t capable of running our clinical trials program.  I don’t believe he is incompetent clinically, but he is a horrible manager.  It all gets more complicated because he is a tenured faculty member, so he can’t be let go.  So now we are seriously on the brink of shutting the whole clinical trials program down.  My poor boss…this is a terrible failure for him and a huge blow to his ego.

For my part, I’m glad to see two of the departing staff leave.  I found them both to be uncooperative, unpleasant and egotistical.  I asked one of them yesterday to please e-mail her Mac sign-on password to my assistant before she left so that we could continue using the computer.  She gave me her patented super-resistance snark face because she uses her universal university password on the computer and doesn’t want to give it out.  D’oh.  “So why don’t you change it to something else?”  Really, how hard is it to think of that?  She is like that quite often and also one of those people who will very emphatically insist on some fact or another that is patently false. Plus she is a super loud talker.  Good riddance!

Oh, today is also the day of the department summer picnic.  No fancy garden party at Westminster Abbey, just a pot luck barbecue on a little piece of asphalt overlooking a parking lot and featuring lots of milling about while trying to eat mediocre food from a little paper plate with a flimsy plastic fork while trying to think of things to say to people I don’t like.  I will do my best to not attend.  After all, I’m not insane!

My boss is so overwhelmed that he can’t deal with a million dollar grant application that is due in a week.  It needs his attention, but I think I am going to have to put something together on my own.  Maybe I can find a faculty member to review it and make changes.  I’m sure my application won’t be nearly as good as my boss’s would be, but at least it would be something.  It’s for continuing renewal, so I don’t think it has to be as impressive as it would have to be if we were applying for a brand new project.

Ack!  Anyway, I expect more drama from the day and need to just show up and help my boss get through it.


Happy Dog Time!


water garden


morning cardio

work day

no doubt much time will be spent listening to boss

ORH budget

ORH budget template to SJMC

faculty meeting

terminate TA

update UMS

K23 project set up

request Elan 301 extension

after work

hike with super dogs!

take care of garden