Mini Monday Grats

Mini because they’ll probably be short and mini because I’m on my iPhone.

Firstly, how rubbish is The Other Place these days? Man, the updates recently have been awful, subscribers are dropping like flies and it just feels “meh”. Such a shame, I really like the way it’s set up but if there’s barely anyone I like there and those who are are barely speaking (“out loud” not in a falling out way!) then what’s the point?

Anyway, forgive me, I’m on an enormous downer right now, such a Negative Nelly :-/ Very much hoping it’s purely hormonal and I’m not cracking up…

So the grats:

1. Forgot to mention this yesterday but an easyGym is opening in Wood Green so I’ve joined up. Yay 🙂
2. I’ve got some new, much cheaper, scales which so far appear to be working without issue.
3. Pensions sessions at work. Still finding work frustrating but this is my bread and butter, and dorky or not, I like it.
4. New Adam Curtis documentary tonight, hurrah!
5. And Glee!


Comments on: "Mini Monday Grats" (3)

  1. interested to hear that you think the Other Place has gone downhill. I’ve been heartily entertained by some of the things I’ve been reading there lately, but then I have a sick sense of humour 😉

    Hope you find your positivity soon, Miss E! Surely easyGym will have lots of hotties to cheer you up… sounds very interesting actually. May I ask how much it costs? (this is for market research purposes)

    • ladymisse said:

      My feed tends to just be constant replies to posts and the posts that are there aren’t really interesting me :-/

      easyGym is £13.99 for the first 4 months then £17.99 after, no contract. Bargain!!

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