So this a combined FTF, Grats and Random Witter, all tied up in one easy to read super long post!

Firstly, oddly enough, a soupçon of FTF for what remains of the day:

  • Write shopping list
  • Go to Tesco
  • Cook tea
  • Make lunch for tomorrow (Eat, I love you but you are going to bankrupt me…)
  • Call H&M to arrange a pick up of stupidly sized garments I ordered (if I can be arsed)
  • Order some treats from ASOS who I am cursing as they’ve just added even more lovely goodies I want on the site
  • Gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Read more of book for rescheduled book club tomorrow
Now for the rest.
Oooo, single line spacing? How did I do that?
Euw, I always moan about the spacing but now it’s single line I don’t like it :-S
Anyway. Work was weird today. The first thing my New Friend R said to me when we went to lunch was ‘how weird is the atmosphere in there today?!’ and she was right! It felt very peculiar, in a bad way. I can’t put my finger on why but it wasn’t good, even the trainers seemed a bit off. I fully admit I went from feeling OK to feeling ‘this is shit and I’m going to do something stupid in a moment’ (by which I mean telling the booooooooooring sales guy that he was a c**t or walking out of his stupid talk or the like) and maybe I have mega strong hormones or something, because I fear for me a lot of my disquiet is that and my perfume has just started to smell really strong too and I know for a fact I send perfumes wild when I’m overly hormonal. Yipp-the-fuck-eee 🙂
We got put into our teams today and I got put with the quietest, dorkiest manager with whom I had a hand shaking incident at our lunch on Friday and I’ve been put in the South West from where I was trying to escape so I was like grrrrrreat… But then I found out who his boss is and it all made a lot more sense, I’ve basically become a marked woman for my skills and “experience” as a business analyst having spoken to the Bigger Boss about it at length so I’m hoping that’ll work out well for me. Then in the afternoon we met our ‘buddy’ who’s going to take us through work and so on when we’re in the teams and mine was lovely and seemed a bit older which sadly, is now a plus point for me! Also, on a shallow note, she said we’d be moving up to the top floor where Hot Boss sits so that cheered me up a little bit, haha. Apols for my man obsession, if anyone knows of someone aged 27 – 37 (I’m flexible on age) who lives in London and needs a girlfriend, send them my way! If for nothing else than maybe to shut me up a bit 😉
So that was today, an odd one all round and I’ve also lost a bunch of subscribers on 43T which is totally losing its shine anyway but still… Hopefully my shopping, dinner making and Glee watching will go smoothly!
To finish, let’s have something positive, here are my Grats for Friday – Today, inclusive 🙂
  • A smooth and fairly relaxing train journey to Cardiff
  • The hotel being lovely, in a great location and the beds being super comfy. Also not having to go out on Friday once I’d arrived!
  • A hilarious evening out for my friend’s hen including a pretty sexy stripper (as a rule I’m not really pro-stripping, it makes me feel a bit wrong, but he was cute and not weird like the last one I saw), lovely cupcakes and nibbles, brilliant karaoke, lots and lots of dancing and mega drunkenness
  • Meeting a group of really interesting people in the hotel bar on Saturday who I chatted to until 3am
  • Germans
  • Getting a voice message on my hotel room phone (!) from one of the guys I’d been speaking to in the bar asking me to go to his room to “chat”. He was a mid-forties old rocker type/player/stoner but was very charming with it and I’m sure if I’d gone it’d have been entertaining.
  • After the horror of the coach leg of our journey home because of engineering works, first class travel back to London. Lovely!
  • Going to sleep at 8pm and sleeping all night
  • Feeling more bonded to R
  • A nice evening in with the TV and laptop

Comments on: "The Many Faceted Ramblings of Miss E" (2)

  1. Crumbs, sounds like an eventful day! I had a little chuckle when I saw the title of your post.

    • ladymisse said:

      It’s been a “sigh…tut” kind of day! But I am done now and in front of the TV waiting for Glee so I’m happy!

      Also happy to have made you chuckle 🙂

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