Monday 9th May

I feel I’ve neglected the renegade blog somewhat for the past few days! Now I’m wondering whether that’s true or not, but can’t be bothered to check when I last made an entry.

Anyway, I’m rambling, probably because I’m bloody knackered, and it’s only going to get worse!

Today was my first day in my new job and I found out, to my horror, that we’re working 8:30 – 5 for the duration of our training (which is 4 weeks. FOUR!). What this means is that I will probably have to get up at c. 6:30. I have NEVER in my LIFE had to get up at that hour on a regular basis, the thought is making me feel quite ill lol.

I’m sure I’ll live though, so onto the grats!

  • Getting through my first day in employment for 5 months!
  • That the Head of Ops is hot
  • That I’m on the ‘cool’ table in the training. It’s weird how they’ve managed to put us together. There’s a fairly studious, square table, a table of misfits (i.e. people who don’t really seem to fit together at all!), and then there’s my table. We’re all quite gobby and a bit cocky and laugh more than the others. Plus, one of the boys is really cute. Just a bit of eye candy though, seeing as he flirts incessantly with the other girl in our gang. (She’s really nice)
  • Lots of lovely Essex and London accents flying around. Say what you want but I really like that sort of wideboy charmer voice.
  • Getting home by 5:30 and getting a seat on the train in both directions. Even if I find I can’t sit all the way I think I’ll be able to get a seat for at least a decent chunk each way. Thank you Finsbury Park!
  • Lovely friends and their lovely good luck wishes
  • Managing to resist Bad Food on our lunchtime foray to the shops
Forgive me for the duplication of the above on The Other Place, which I am about to visit and update!

Comments on: "Monday 9th May" (2)

  1. I’ve been getting up at 6:00 or earlier for the last… hmmm.. five years at least. 🙂 You’ll get used to it. The key is to go to bed early enough, maybe earlier than ever before! (I was in bed by 21:30 yesterday! Ok, I was reading a book untill 22:00, but still!)

  2. yay to getting through your first day!!

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