Morning all (just!)

A few things to note which I either forgot about when updating The Other Place or that happened after I’d posted.

First is that I got my TV sorted. It meant moving it but that’s fine, it’s actually better where it is in the sense that I’m less likely to get a crick in my neck and the place where it was looks better without it. Secondly, I feel a LOT better today. I didn’t sleep brilliantly last night (might rethink my evening caffeine intake) but it was nothing to do with allergies or feeling shitty and I look much better today in the sense that my skin seems to have perked up and I just feel a bit healthier. Hooray!

So, onwards to the day’s to-do list:

  • Oh shit. ‘Do You Realise?’ has just come on the radio. Try not to cry
  • Wait for delivery
  • Go into Wood Green for a mooch
  • Get loo roll
  • Try and make headway into my Book Club book. Have managed to read a few pages so that’s progress!
  • Drinks in a tapas bar in King’s Cross this evening

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