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Lupin’s FTF, 1st June

  • coffee
  • crib box
  • dayjob: in charge this week
  • walk around the world > 3.4 miles
  • read “Forgotten Voices” for > 1hr
  • listen to Katryn Hasler record for > 1hr
  • metronome > 30mins
  • repertoire >30mins
  • deadhead roses
  • spray roses
  • Daily Mile
  • grandfather’s blog

Silvie grats 31 may

A lovely day today, and I feel I achieved some stuff.

  • All marking is done – hurrah
  • Woodland has been trimmed back to let some light in – now arranging to reseed under the canopy to provide some cover for the dogs to hunt
  • DH has decide to relocate his desk to the dining room, so I can leave my work station in my office.  Happy about that really, saves the upheaval, but I do still need to sort it all out
  • My tomato plants look strong and healthy in spite of needing potting up.  Now the marking is done they can have some TLC tomorrow
  • Connecting with friends on Daily Mile 🙂
  • Getting more au fait with WP and my blog

A brief update/Grats

Well I’m still without Internet and tbh it’s really getting on my wick now. It’s entirely the fault of Virgin Media who, in the spirit of Father Ted (I hope someone gets this reference) are now on both the “Twats” and “Liars” list…

That, along with a rollickingly severe visitation of The Crazy has meant I’ve not been on here, or anywhere else bar Twitter, and am consequently feeling somewhat out of the loop. Ah well, hopefully something will get sorted soon. So onwards then to some things for which I’m grateful/have been fun/have cheered me up:

1. Springwatch. Yes I’m about 100!! But I’ve always loved Chris Packham and him, lovely Kate and the weirdly sexy other guy are making me happy.
2. The fab half moon manicure I’ve given myself.
3. A lovely, pocket sized man I’ve started chatting to via (sshhh) Internet dating. It’s literally 3 messages in but he’s super cute and frankly, regardless of romantic potential I think he’d make a lovely friend so yay.
4. The atmosphere at work today. Now I’ve been pissing and moaning to anyone who’ll listen about my fellow trainees and the screechy girls in particular but something shifted at lunch today. I’m fully prepared to admit my reduction of Crazy (see below) could make me seem more approachable but I managed to have proper conversations where I had eye contact, wasn’t ignored, that flowed and that were about things we all had in common. It was lovely but v odd!
5. That The Crazy appears to have subsided. I knew it would, it was entirely hormonal, but by god it was badass this month, it hasn’t been like that for months and months. I’ve bought myself some Magnesium OK or whatever they’re called these days and will be taking those in preparation. They really seem to work, I’ve just been either too slack or too skint to sustain taking them in the past. Am determined to carry on this time!
6. Threading. I got my eyebrows done on Saturday and it really is fantastic.
7. A great and very drunken night at my friend’s on Saturday evening. I was sad about the football but was taught poker and kicked everyone’s arses!
8. That I did good in my choice of gift for a certain recent Birthday Girl!!
9. That my pair of work trousers that I thought were too small actually fit and look great! May even get another pair…
10. A nice chat with my Mum 🙂

Silvie’s walking project

I managed 5104 steps yesterday which my pedometer said was 2 miles (I must have short legs, or it is not calibrated right for the 10000= 5 miles).

And today I forgot to use my pedometer but I guess it must be similar – am I allowed to add another 2 miles for today?

I’ve logged onto Daily Mile – but not yet got the hang of it – but at least my miles are logged.  I can play with it later 🙂

Lupin’s Walking Project

Just signed up for the Daily Mile website – only 24,894.2 miles left 😛

Goals Tag Page

Sorry to barge in on your inbox, I haven’t done a Random Wittering in a while, so I just wanted to say:

If you’re missing your Goal action from The Other Place, I find that this is sometimes a good place to start for inspiration:

Silvie 31 May

Last day of May so soon.  Must make sure I enjoy the long days while they are here.  When I went out with the pack for their before bed constitutional last night it was not quite fully dark.  How wonderful.

The rain has gone (I hope) and we should have a few days of nicer weather so I hope to be able to get out in the garden once I get all the OU stuff out the way.  (Roses to deadhead and the like).

It has been a tremendous Spring here, some days so like Summer we have been drinking Pimms in the garden (alas no borage yet though) – now roll on Summer and lets hope that it continues.  Looking forward to tomato crops and dog walks in the sun.

Anyway today:

  • Finish off the marking and get it out the way (this mornings task – use the Pomodoro)
  • Start phoning round the next batch of students to make appts for telephone tutorials
  • Must book Violin lesson
  • Must practice (DH is out tonight so if not too tired can have a good sesh then)
  • Read
  • Buy temporary fencing (so we can herd and separate)
  • Do some research on possible Dads for Blanche’s pups – internet dating for dogs 🙂
  • Water greenhouse, potting up if there is time
  • Tom plant care (removing side shoots etc)
  • Monitor TGF and hope they are starting to post stuff now
  • Instrument insurance to sort