Here’s a simple way to set up a goal-page of your own for free:

1) get your blog! If you already had to do this to sign up for WordPress when you joined FTFers, so far so good! Otherwise go to “My blogs” in the top navigation bar and then “register new blog”.

2) create categories for each goal – easiest done as you’re posting (menu to the right of the post box (haha not an actual Post-box but you know what I mean!) ) by clicking +add new category at the bottom. Otherwise, go to the Posts menu on the left and Categories and you can add them manually even if you haven’t used them.

3) Create basic goal page – go to Pages –> add new and call your page whatever you like.

4) Set up links in the body of your goal page

  • Links are really easy to do in wordpress by highlighting the text you want to link, then clicking the chain icon at the top of the editing box, and then pasting the link.
  • To get the page link for each category, just click on the category link under any of your existing posts.
  • Paste this link to titles/bullet points in your Goal Page template (or arrange them however you like!)

5) Subgoals can be made by indenting the bullet further. To get to indenting, click the “show/hide kitchen sink” button (last button on the first row of editing buttons with lots of coloured blobs on) and this opens up lots of options to change text colour, heading styles etc.)

I got a bit carried away in my previous post – mine was only difficult to set up because I already had a blog that I wanted to keep separate. You can totally use the free wordpress blogs to set up a page for goals as above, or just use the category list to navigate between them if you’re not bothered about having a separate page.

I don’t think I’ve explained this very well so just ask me!

And here’s an actual Post-box 😛

Oh and one other random thing! If you want to get e-mails in your inbox everytime someone posts to FTFers, go to this page : – enter the FTFers page and then select mailing options (every post, daily summary, weekly summary).


Comments on: "How to set up a goal-page" (11)

  1. Thanks – I’ll have a play with that now.

  2. This is all really rather splendid! Many congratulations, Moose 🙂

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for this info. I never thought of having a blog, but I am going to give it a try. And how did you know I was wondering how to get e-mail notifications.

    Thanks again for letting me a part of this group of awesome people!

  4. OK so I now have a blog and one entry. It’s a start. So how do I get my Blog on the Members blog list?

    D’oh feeling thick

    • Yay! Sorted. I have added you to the Members’ blog list so no need to feel thick about that one!
      How are you finding wordpress so far? I think it’s quite intuitive for simple things – but then I’ve been using it for a while. If there’s anything you get stuck with, just ask – it’s usually easier than wading through all the help topics!

      • Ohh thanks…yes there it is. Oh wise one:)

        I’m afraid it’s not very exciting yet – just a load of test messages. So how do you get a new post to appear on the different pages and not on the home page? Or am I doing this all wrong.

        I’m sure it’s dead simple once I get the hang of it.

  5. Hi Silvie – hope you see this! Comments only seem to run 3-deep here.
    I don’t think on a blog you can post to different pages – only if you buy your own demain/hosting.

    There are two ways you can get around this as it stands: before you do either you need to set up a Category for each of your goals.
    1) in each of your goal pages, post a link to the category archive for the goal in question. So for example to get all your music posts (which you would have already assigned to a category hypothetically called “music”) you would put in your music page “Go to posts” or something and link it to

    Does that make sense? So you have to do a two-step thing from the goal page to the posts in the corresponding category.

    2) Instead of having a goal for each page, you set up one general page called Goals and list all goals from there, direct to the categories (linked as above) – which is what I’ve done on my goals page.

    I think the second option is better because you will find you’re limited as to how many goals you can list across the top of your blog – it might just be five or seven or something. Plus although it’s the same number of clicks, it’s less annoying maybe than getting to a page and having another “click here to get what you actually came for” link – if you see what I mean?

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