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4/30/11 ftf, wren

Am feeling a little ill since yesterday afternoon & am thinking it might be best to just enjoy a restful day.  The snow on the ground and the below-freezing temps make this seem all the more appealing!

Becca was funny this morning, bolting after little groups of birds and scattering them to the wind.  She thinks she’s a bird dog!


morning dog time

dermatology appointment

see how the day plays out…

Moose’s FTF: Saturday 30 April

Woke up this morning to a beautifully clean house (excellent side effect of having guests over) a still-full belly (excellent side-effect of cooking for guests) and A HANGOVER! Haven’t had one of those in so long that I actually quite enjoyed lolling around in bed drinking water and waiting for it to pass, which it hasn’t, particularly, but am bored and getting up now anyway.

  • work out a bit + shower
  • website bits
  • PDF bits
  • coffee/journal

===aiming to feel vaguely human by this point===

Rest of the day:


  • maybe workout a bit more later and/or go for an evening walk

Lupin’s FTF, 30/04/11

  • coffee
  • post parcel
  • buy glue
  • smell the roses
  • check the rhubarb
  • thin out the pears
  • more coffee
  • read Patti Smith book
  • listen to Patti Smith records
  • make apple crumble

FTF 30.04.2011 & 01.05.2011

Ack, just checked my Grats from last night and my joke wasn’t showing properly, it’s updated now, if anyone cares. I found it very funny!

Anyway, busy day today as it’s Day 1 of “Moving Is Stressful!”:

  • Have a surf/doze/final relax in this bed for another hour or so
  • Get up, breakfast, pack final bits and bobs inc. food
  • Waitrose: drain cleaner, washing up liquid, scourers, Thank You card and present for J. Flowers?
  • Summon Mum
  • Take bed and shelves apart. Find mattress doesn’t fit in either of our cars, watch Mum cut it up with pliers
  • Probably be persuaded I don’t need the bed frame either
  • Dump
  • Pump car tyres
  • Pack my car
  • Clean room, Hoover
  • Clean kitchen cupboards, fridge, freezer (don’t forget freezer stuff!)
  • Write note to J with bank details etc. Arrange nicely on table with gift and card
  • Leave my lovely house where I’ve been very happy for the past 18 months. Cry?
  • Roast dinner
  • Sleepless night on Mum’s sofa
I doubt I’ll be online tomorrow until I’m settled in, apart from checking email on my iPhone so tomorrow’s FTF is
  • Wake up feeling awful from not sleeping, shower, breakfast, papers
  • Say goodbye. Try and force some emotion out of my sister 😉
  • Drive to London
  • Get stuck on North Circular
  • Arrive at flat
  • Part 2 of “Moving Is Stressful!” (by which I mean knackering, I can do weights at the gym no problem but real life hoiking around of stuff?!)
  • Unpack, get to know A  a bit better
  • Have internet rage (pleaseworkpleaseworkpleasework)
  • Relaxing evening? Internet?
  • Sleep in new, very comfy looking bed. First night in London 🙂

Vex Saturday, 30.4.2011

Ahh, 3 more days of leisure. I love holidays.

  • early morning yoga workout
  • German
  • clean/declutter (a little more effort than yesterday, please)
  • grocery shopping
  • proof
  • make yogurt
  • programming
  • finish the book
  • late afternoon HIIT workout

PS. Oh dear, I’m obviously getting up way too late, because a bird almost built a nest in my strawberries this morning! I moved the half-finished nest to a more appropriate place (the gutter at the end of the terrace), but I can still hear confused and angry chirping.

SL’s FTF Sat 30th April

Had a lovely day yesterday with G – we had a leisurely morning and went for a walk up to Primrose Hill in the afternoon. Great atmosphere with people rolling down the hill etc. Then we looked at the photos of the wedding in the Evening Standard – some shocking outfits and some classy ones.

Today I am getting to decide what we do! It’s a hard life.

For some reason I had a flashback to Cate singing “This is my mow-ment, this is my prrrfect mow-ment”  a la Martine McCutcheon just then 😉

  • walk down to Borough Market, get nice food, walk back – that will be today’s exercise! 2 hours.
  • attempt to recreate the Ultimate Brunch experience which we had at Norma’s in New York a few years ago – pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, bloody marys, coffee – have never made pancakes before (shocking!) but am sure Delia won’t let me down + read papers + listen to Adam and Joe
  • walk over to cookware shop to find a heavier-based roasting tin for gravy-making purposes
  • visit Majestic wine place as they have some good offers on at the moment
  • Dirt exhibition at the Wellcome Collection
  • watch DVD (3rd film of Girl with Dragon Tattoo trilogy supposed to come today)
  • dinner: roast beef  and a premier cru Chambolle-Musigny

Grats 29.04.11

Republicans and cynics look away now!!

  • For cracking and watching The Royal Wedding. Honestly, it was lovely.
  • That the dress was McQueen. I can’t even explain why, but this was the most important factor of the day for me!
  • That my packing is virtually done and I think it’s going to fit in the car
  • That I’ve got away without having a parking permit (accidentally!) for SEVEN months!
  • For this great joke: “I used to do a bad impression of Eric Morecambe, but now I’ve seen the error of my waheys.”